Designing Process

Every design project has different requirements; we customise our process to individual clients, fitting in with an existing team or system on a single stage to fill a gap, or completing a project from start to finish. We will customise our process to your marketing and commercial needs, rather than try to fit your requirements to a pre-existing template.


Creativity starts at the definition stage. What will excite the user? What problems need to be solved? What is the best path to production? Boxclever has a team experienced in all facets of the design process, and can balance all of the critical factors unique to each project.

Deliverables: Specification, project plan

Concept Generation

Form, aesthetics, user needs, ergonomics, manufacturing processes are all considered by the industrial designer in the concept process. All of the research in the definition stage is distilled into coherent design concepts. A number of concepts are chosen for development, and are rendered as photo-realistic images. Our knowledge of the full design/manufacturing process means that any of the concepts can be brought to production while maintaining the original design intent.

Deliverable: Multiple, fully rendered concepts.

Design Stage

Boxclever excel technically. We have designed high volume products that sell millions per year, and batch production products which sell one hundred per year. These are engineered differently, and use different production processes. The chosen concept is developed in 3D CAD, all manufacturing detail is added, Design for Manufacture and Assembly.

Deliverable: 3D CAD for prototyping

Optimisation Stage

Prototype products are built to verify the design and assembly methodology. The prototypes can be reviewed within the engineering team, or multiple prototypes can be user-reviewed. Any changes or enhancements to the design can be implemented. A release package is created for all documentation and drawings.

Deliverable: Production intent 3D CAD, documentation package

process optimisation.jpg

Deployment Stage

Boxclever has built up an expertise is transferring a product from design to production. We have worked with suppliers globally to ensure a smooth, fast transfer, whether it be for enclosure parts only, or full assemblies. We offer an open book policy for our database of sourced, audited suppliers; clients can deal direct from day one. Working with the supplier and client, the product is reviewed, verified and validated.

Deliverable: Signed-off, off process parts/assemblies