Infopoint - Total Photo Centre

The inforpoint Total Photo Center is a self service photo processing terminal, allowing customers to drop off film or process digital media in US supermarkets.  It features a 15" touchscreen, mini PC, an etensive media bay, barcode scanner and IR transceiver.


It's sleek understated styling integrates well into any environment while maintaining its own unique character.

Portomedia - Movie Card


The Portomedia movie card can download a full movie in seventeen seconds.  As the card is designed to be carried around by the consumer, it needed to be robust and reliable, yet remain sleek enough to slip into a pocket.  A pressure die-cast spine, which is polished and chrome plated gave the required strength and retained the minimal thickness required by the client.


The Portomedia terminal is an iconic form which reflects the design of the movie key.  It acts as the library for thousands of movies available for download, and allows payment by means of the integrated coinmech, bill acceptor, and chip and PIN reader.

3Touch - Presentation Lectern


This lectern was designed for a start-up company, who needed to integrate a PC, 21" display, document camera and various media readers into a lectern.  A metal frame was clad in injection moulded plastics with aluminium extrusions on the front and back edges giving rigidity where people would be leaning on the lectern.  A custom lift and tilt mechanism was designed with the supplier which fitted inside the vertical extrusion.  Different finishes for plastics, extrusions and side caps could be specified to customise the product, along with an optional front double A4 banner.

Oasis - Next Generation Water Cooler


This prototype watercooler went from sketch to working prototype in six weeks.  The prototype was used at a trade show to reimagine what a cooler does.  The user is identified by means of a fingerprint scanner, and is given specific health information such as how much water they have drunk that day. While the water is dispensed a targeted ad is shown on the display.  The prototype was produced with a mix of SLA and CNC. Software was written to recognise the fingerprint and control the dispensing pump for the water.

While just a concept, technical elements of the design, a mid-mounted method of loading the water bottle internally using a fold out shelf, were patented.

Techchoice Music - Digital Jukebox


Digital jukebox product designed for use in pubs and bars behind the counter.


Digital Jet - Music and Ringtones

This modular music vending kiosk allows music and ringtones to be purchased and downloaded to mobile phones.  The transaction are low value, so the kiosk only has a coin validator.  Music and ringtones are transferred through an integrated multi-card reader, IRDA or Blutooth.  There is also a barcode scanner for loyalty programmes. There are two main modules: payment/PC and display.  One and two display, wall and floor mounted versions can be created using different supporting spines.